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Maptiks provides in-depth user insights by tracking how visitors click, pan and zoom on your maps. Built for GIS developers and teams of medium to large businesses who require richer, detailed analytics of their map usage.

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Web Map Analytics
Track In-depth User Insights

There are metrics on your map that you can’t miss out on. Watch a quick video and find out what Maptiks can do for you and your web map.

Now Available For Mapbox GL

We are proud to announce our integration with Mapbox GL. Track in-depth user metrics and gain unprecedented insights in your visitors web map journey.


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This is just a glimpse of some of the analytics Maptiks tracks. Take a look at the full dashboard for this map.
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Explore our Feature-rich Dashboard

Activity Tracking

Find out how often visitors click, pan, and zoom on your map. Maptiks breaks user interaction down to the zoom level, giving you an extra layer of insight into your visitors’ activities.

Explore our Feature-rich Dashboard

Heat Maps

Discover which sections of your map your visitors are most interested in. With the Activity Heat Map, pinpoint the most active areas on your map.

Explore our Feature-rich Dashboard

Layer Performance

Dig deeper into your map and track the performance of your layers. Maptiks tracks and visualizes load times, error tiles, and much more.

Explore our Feature-rich Dashboard

Users & Groups

Collaborate with your colleagues and together discover what makes your map work. Grant user permissions and create groups to organize which members have access to modify or view your data.

Explore our Feature-rich Dashboard

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Maptiks works on all of your favorite platforms. All of your analytics, in one place.

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The Word on Maptiks

Chris Rice, Interdev

Maptiks has given our organization the ability to quickly roll out an analytics-ready application for a client and show them exactly what part of the map that people are interested in.

Chris Rice, Interdev
Robert Manduca, Harvard University

Maptiks has been extremely helpful in understanding traffic to my map. The analytics have given me a much better sense of how many visitors I am getting and exactly what they find engaging.

Robert Manduca, Harvard University
John J Czaplewski, UW Madison

I’ve been using Maptiks for a couple days now and have found it really informative and interesting. Great way to quantify map use + performance

John J Czaplewski, UW Madison

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