Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip

When attending any conference, training event or workshop it’s always great to take a break and get out and enjoy the outdoors and experience the wildlife in the area. A stroll down around the local area can really refresh you. Also, there are many helpful and educational places to stop along the way.

Along the walk I found an educational sign about all of the interesting wildlife neighbours around the bay.

I almost had to use all my fingers and toes to count up all these friendly neighbours. Oh, I had two left.

Esri UC Scavenger Hunt tip – by the light of the Gas Lamp

Once, the hustle of the sessions and the bustle of the exhibition hall is behind us. After the evening’s wine and cheese events we are all likely to head out and explore San Diego. What better place to start than the historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Now finding all these locals and learning about the city has been a lot of fun for the Maptiks team. We are all about building better maps at Maptiks though so we have been tracking how it went. To provide screen shots like this one.

I have been panning and zooming around our Scavenger hunt event app. Let’s check in on our engagement analytics at this point.

Just the type of Analytics I’d like to see on my Esri Story map I’d think. Nice quick layer loads, no error tiles and some zooming. How do your maps measure up?

Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip – Jack Dangermond doesn’t tweet. 10 days to go.

With only 10 days to go before the Esri UC and all the excitement that goes along with it, Maptiks is looking to get the folks from Esri on board. Though we came up with our fun scavenger hunt to engage with Esri Users, Esri staff shouldn’t shy away. So how can we engage Esri staff? Lets start at the top.

Jack Dangermond, President and founder of Esri. Let’s start with him, if we can get him to join the Scavenger hunt the others will join in. Since you can’t just phone Jack up, we will try tweeting him. Now, I don’t tweet much, but Jack does not appear to tweet at all. I suppose when you have a huge company like Esri you get people to tweet for you. But you still have a handle and in Jack’s case its @JackDangermond.

Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip – Don’t be so A lloof

Having a great time at the Esri User Conference talking to people about Maptiks. I sure wish I could free up some time to see the local sites. Like this interesting old School Lloof carousel built in 1895.

Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip #7- Tools for every Jobe.

Only one week to go until we will all be broadening our horizons at the Esri UC in San Diego. Since becoming part of the Maptiks team later last year I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team from GeoJobe at the Esri Partner Conference. These are the excellent people behind the very useful Admin tools product among other services.

However, I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Neill Jobe Founder and CEO. I think I’ll have to use that twitter program again. Hope to see you there Neill.

Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip- Call Cliff.

After hearing tale of many trips to the Esri UC in the past, I heard about the naval ships docked there. I don’t consider myself a history buff, however I have always been fascinated by the gigantic ships of the World War II. When I heard about the ships in San Diego I was really excited. The U.S. Navy has been at the forefront of many conflicts and has many heroes.

Clifton A. F. Sprague

This honored veteran served in not one, but two world wars and was a 3 star general. I am looking forward to checking out the carrier when I take a break from this whole scavenger hunt thing.

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