Most Geospatial and GIS Mapping tools do not provide analytics. That’s why we built Maptiks. Being able to analyze mapping data, whether it be a key user interaction metric or general map performance, is key to building a great map.


Indicators For Better Consumer Insights

  • Bounce rates: Visitor bounce rates will help identify the percentage of visitors who take an action on your map.
  • Visitor duration: Track your visitors duration. Depending the use case, you may want a very low or high visitor duration.
  • Marker clicks: Know which markers are most frequently clicked and how many clicks a user makes on average.
  • Activities per map interaction: Track pans, zooms and clicks to see where and how your users are interacting with your map.
  • Device usage: Track whether or not your users are on a tablet, mobile device or their desktop.

Each use case is different. An indicator of success will differ depending on your user goals. But tracking them will provide data and indisputable insights as to how your users are interacting with your map, allowing you to benchmark, test and make better data driven decisions.