Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip- Call Cliff.

After hearing tale of many trips to the Esri UC in the past, I heard about the naval ships docked there. I don’t consider myself a history buff, however I have always been fascinated by the gigantic ships of the World War II. When I heard about the ships in San Diego I was really excited. The U.S. Navy has been at the forefront of many conflicts and has many heroes.

Clifton A. F. Sprague

This honored veteran served in not one, but two world wars and was a 3 star general. I am looking forward to checking out the carrier when I take a break from this whole scavenger hunt thing.

The Analytics of Where

Which parts of your map are the most engaging? Tracking the user experience on your map is insightful. Optimize the zoom levels and the initial location to achieve your goals. When we convey complicated data on engaging maps we also discover insights from user engagement we may not have expected. Design and analyze your web maps using the activities tab of Maptiks.

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What makes great web map traffic?

Is your web map meeting your goals or objectives? Perhaps the purpose of the map is simply to convey one location, if so, then a simple load of the map is the desired outcome, a bounce. Longer sessions or more activity/session indicates that the map is not conveying the information properly. Check on your session analytics in the loads tab of Maptiks to be certain you have been successful.

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Layer Performance & Relevance

Telling a compelling and engaging story with a map is no simple task. Layers of data presented in context provide valuable insights. With all this data its vital to load the most relevant quickly and efficiently.

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When you don’t have Maptiks

Building web maps is an endeavour in the visual arts combined with the science of data. Insight gathered by layering geographic data then visualizing it is powerful. Ensuring that these works of art and mountains of data are engaging to the target audience and that they perform well when they are needed most is vital, I am sure you agree. When you don’t have analytics how can we do this? You can guess, you can assume, and you can hope no one asks.

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