Does your map affect which home I buy?

Most modern real estate listing websites host a web map that allow visitors to search for a potential property in the context of its location. If you’ve ever searched for a new home yourself, it is undeniably an overwhelming task. Which is why it’s important to provide an intuitive search experience for visitors.

Do you search with the filters or the map?
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3 Things Car Sharing applications don’t know about their customer.

I recently attended conferences in San Diego and in Austin and primarily used car sharing type applications to zip around on scooters and hire cabs. My experience in navigating the several brands and getting around was that there is competition in this marketplace. The main interaction point to start the transaction with these services is a map on your mobile phone. To properly understand their customer the developers of these applications need to understand the user journey on their mobile maps. Maptiks can provide 3 valuable metrics to use to compete in this market

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Improving your organization’s geospatial data strategy.

Faced with an increase in consumer usage of web maps by media companies, governments, and businesses, the demand for analytics for web maps is increasing dramatically. As internal stakeholders within an organization increasingly request for better insights into the millions of geospatial datapoints they are collecting, this creates a complex challenge because making the necessary changes to adapt have technological obstacles, organizational processes to work through and involve people.  

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Integration with Mapbox

We are proud to announce our integration with Mapbox. Our team has been working diligently over the past few months to get our web map analytics

Maptiks and Mapbox Integration
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Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip

When attending any conference, training event or workshop it’s always great to take a break and get out and enjoy the outdoors and experience the wildlife in the area. A stroll down around the local area can really refresh you. Also, there are many helpful and educational places to stop along the way.

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Esri UC Scavenger Hunt tip – by the light of the Gas Lamp

Once, the hustle of the sessions and the bustle of the exhibition hall is behind us. After the evening’s wine and cheese events we are all likely to head out and explore San Diego. What better place to start than the historic Gaslamp Quarter.

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Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip – Jack Dangermond doesn’t tweet. 10 days to go.

With only 10 days to go before the Esri UC and all the excitement that goes along with it, Maptiks is looking to get the folks from Esri on board. Though we came up with our fun scavenger hunt to engage with Esri Users, Esri staff shouldn’t shy away. So how can we engage Esri staff? Lets start at the top.

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Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip – Don’t be so A lloof

Having a great time at the Esri User Conference talking to people about Maptiks. I sure wish I could free up some time to see the local sites. Like this interesting old School Lloof carousel built in 1895.

Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip #7- Tools for every Jobe.

Only one week to go until we will all be broadening our horizons at the Esri UC in San Diego. Since becoming part of the Maptiks team later last year I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team from GeoJobe at the Esri Partner Conference. These are the excellent people behind the very useful Admin tools product among other services.

However, I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Neill Jobe Founder and CEO. I think I’ll have to use that twitter program again. Hope to see you there Neill.