Building an ES6 Development Environment


ES2015 is the latest version of the ECMAScript standard released in June 2015. Commonly known as ES6 (ECMAScript revision 6), the name officially changed to reflect the more granular nature of future updates and prompt faster adoption. This table shows the current adoption of features across various environments:

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How to track your GIS maps

The goal here is to get web map analytics setup with your GIS map. Currently Maptiks integrates with OpenLayers 3, Google Maps API and LeafletJS.

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The new Maptiks

We’re very happy to announce that we are graduating from BETA and launching Maptiks to the public.

1 year ago, the idea was simple – GIS maps should have detailed analytics, similar to what you’d have access to on a website through web analytics. Turning that idea into something so easy to use that any geospatial developer could plugin their map, and start viewing insightful metrics in hours was a whole other story.

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We’re hiring!

As we prepare to launch and get out of Beta, we’re very excited to say that we’re hiring!

It’s been months since we built the MVP of Maptiks (initially called Sliptics), and since then we’ve been able to signup hundreds of users, get valuable product feedback, and build something that our users are loving.

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Activity Heatmaps

Ever wondered which part of your GIS map is actually being used? Or where your map visitors are clicking and how they are panning around?

The Activity Heatmap in Maptiks is just one of the many mapping tools that answers those questions, at a glance. Providing developers, product managers and key stakeholders with consumer insights. The data it provides does more than just let you see activities.

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5 indicators to track with mapping analytics

Most Geospatial and GIS Mapping tools do not provide analytics. That’s why we built Maptiks. Being able to analyze mapping data, whether it be a key user interaction metric or general map performance, is key to building a great map.

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Why we’re offering the FREE startup plan.

We know how difficult it is to build a product. Sometimes you build something that should exist in the world, just to find out that there’s no product market fit or nobody cares. The key is to test, try and repeat until something clicks.

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Consumer Insights

Your map is the key to a treasure chest of hidden consumer insights.

Perhaps you don’t feel you have “consumers”? But knowing how people interact with your map tells us a great deal about the experience they are having and how they see your map experience. For the sake of this article, lets call these people ‘consumers’; they are consuming your map, and their behaviour patterns are gems of insight waiting to be polished.

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New Maptiks Maps – Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak of new map visualizations we will be unveiling very soon:

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