With only 10 days to go before the Esri UC and all the excitement that goes along with it, Maptiks is looking to get the folks from Esri on board. Though we came up with our fun scavenger hunt to engage with Esri Users, Esri staff shouldn’t shy away. So how can we engage Esri staff? Lets start at the top.

Jack Dangermond, President and founder of Esri. Let’s start with him, if we can get him to join the Scavenger hunt the others will join in. Since you can’t just phone Jack up, we will try tweeting him. Now, I don’t tweet much, but Jack does not appear to tweet at all. I suppose when you have a huge company like Esri you get people to tweet for you. But you still have a handle and in Jack’s case its @JackDangermond.