We are proud to be announcing our latest integration with MangoMap. At Maptiks, we believe in making analytics accessible to everyone.

That’s why we are very excited to announce that MangoMap users are now able get in-depth analytics within their MangoMap applications, without writing a single line of code.

It’s easier than ever to build a web mapping application without having to learn how to code or relying on a developer to make your vision come to life. And, getting insights on those applications should be just as easy.

By simply copy and pasting a trackcode ID to your MangoMap account, you can now start tracking every visitor, every click, every pan and every zoom, as well as key metrics to help optimize web map applications moving forward.

*Find Maptiks in the Analytics tabalt

Google Analytics vs Maptiks
We’re asked this question all the time. What’s different between you and Google Analytics? The difference is straightforward – Maptiks analytics shows you exactly what is happening on the map itself, whereas Google Analytics only provides analytics on the page.

Meaning, with Maptiks you can view your visitors interactions, including where they are on the map itself and how they’re interacting with it.

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