We are incredibly pleased to announce that Kailee Stewart has joined the Maptiks team as our Sales Director. She’s joining us from Esri Canada, where she was an integral part in growing Esri Canada’s business in Assessment Globally project.

With broad experience in sales and marketing, Kailee has over 7 years of experience managing sales operations in addition to 5 years of marketing and research experience through her work at Mexx Canada, Esri Canada, and Esri Inc. Kailee brings a unique blend of direct sales experience and overall knowledge of the GIS industry to Maptiks.

Kailee will lead our efforts to support enterprise users in the public and private sector, by developing and expanding our client base while assisting our team in growing our Maptiks business unit overall.

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Straight from Kailee

Where would you like to live?
If I could live anywhere in the world, I wouldn’t change anything. I know that sounds cheesy but through all my travels I am always excited and thankful that I live in Beautiful British Columbia.

What talent or skill would you like to have?
The talent or skill I’d like to have would be to sing. Whenever I sing in the car and someone is with me, they always seem to turn up the music really loud.

Why did you join the team?
I joined Maptiks and Sparkgeo because it is energetic and full of life with great aspirations for growth. I see a great future with Maptiks and Sparkgeo.