There are many resources available to learn Maptiks analytics, from our built-in support channel to FAQs, and we offer advice via The Spatial Community slack team. However, we’ve heard many of you would also like a resource so you can learn through web map analytics with practical experience. It can be difficult to gain practical experience since not everyone has access to a fully-implemented web map. To fix this, we’re introducing a fully functional Maptiks Analytics demo dashboard, available to everyone who signs up.




The demo dashboard includes real data from a web map on our website; a website that gets quite a bit of traffic and hosts a Leaflet JS web map in the section just below the top section of the site. The demo includes all features you would typically see in a web like marker clicks, zoom levels, click rates and interaction metrics. The result is a fully functional dashboard with real geospatial analytics data.


You can use the demo dashboard to learn about Maptiks features and functionality for Example:

  1. Access all the standard reports to see which would be useful for you
  2. Access user engagement metrics to see which sets of metrics would mean most to your organization
  3. Learn how to compare maps and conversion performance based on date ranges
  4. Become familiar with which map performance events are tracked


Access the Demo Dashboard

You can get access to the demo dashboard and learn more about it by signing up to Maptiks under our free plan (which will not give you access to Esri products). We hope the demo dashboard gives you a practical way to try Maptiks out and learn more about web map analytics.