Which parts of your map are the most engaging? Tracking the user experience on your map is insightful. Optimize the zoom levels and the initial location to achieve your goals. When we convey complicated data on engaging maps we also discover insights from user engagement we may not have expected. Design and analyze your web maps using the activities tab of Maptiks.

Is your map experiencing traffic at a variety of zoom levels, or just one? Is this the same zoom level you initially load the map at, or not? Do you need more than one map to meet your audience’s needs. Is there traffic panning over to unrelated areas on the map? Perhaps you need to re-centre or use multiple maps for different reasons or target markets. Use the zoom and pan numbers in the activities tab to optimize your users web map experience and meet your goals.

Concentrations of activity on a map spike during key events. This can be illuminating for the map itself but can also explain why people use the map. Watch your maps heat map performance surrounding key events and valuable insights can be unveiled. It is also an excellent visualization to quickly demonstrate to your superiors that your map is in fact engaging your users. After all, if we didn’t use heat maps, we really couldn’t call it GIS could we?