We’re very happy to announce that we are graduating from BETA and launching Maptiks to the public.

1 year ago, the idea was simple – GIS maps should have detailed analytics, similar to what you’d have access to on a website through web analytics. Turning that idea into something so easy to use that any geospatial developer could plugin their map, and start viewing insightful metrics in hours was a whole other story.

Our team worked around the clock. We added developers and UX experts to the team to help support our beta clients. We now have happy early adopters who are addicted to the data that Maptiks provides. Our team is entirely focused on building and helping mappers plug into their web mapping tools and we’re happy to open up Maptiks to the public.

With the new Maptiks, we focused on providing even more insightful metrics for better data analysis with a simple user experience.

What’s in the new Maptiks?

See how your users are interacting with your maps.
Activity heatmaps
Track pans, zooms and clicks

Get metrics on how engaged your users are.
Bounce rates
Device specific data
Time spent on map

Build a faster, better map.
Layer load times
Error logs

What platforms do we support?
Today: LeafletJS, OpenLayers 3 & Google Maps API
Next Up: ESRI Javascript API
Soon After: Mapbox.js, CartoDB.js & Bing Maps

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