As we prepare to launch and get out of Beta, we’re very excited to say that we’re hiring!

It’s been months since we built the MVP of Maptiks (initially called Sliptics), and since then we’ve been able to signup hundreds of users, get valuable product feedback, and build something that our users are loving.

We’re still working on funding… but we’ve committed some cash to the company to help Maptiks go to the next level and it’s time to build something great, and so useful for our customers that whenever they build a map, they plugin Maptiks to ensure their app, or web map gets built faster, with a better user experience and provide insightful consumer insights.

To date we’ve been able to:
  1. Build a beautiful product and graduate from BETA
  2. Create a go to market strategy and test customer acquisition channels. We now know we can get sign-ups for between $13-$35
  3. Create a pricing strategy that works. We’ve already signed up a few enterprise clients 😉
  4. Build an awesome team. We have a bunch of really smart developers, a CEO with startup experience and has been in the geospatial industry for over 10 years. We all code. Yep, even me, the growth guy commits code to github (although our developers probably re-write the whole thing).
  5. Get some interest from potential investors.


If you’re interested in working at Maptiks check out our careers page.

Who do we hire?

To put it simply, we hire nice people. Our first and main criteria, whether we’re hiring a developer, customer success manager or any role really, is that they be nice and have a focus on making our customers happy.

Our values:

1. Getting Shit Done. We like working with people whose number one priority is getting shit done. We work in a nimble environment where problems need to be solved quickly and efficiently. I love deciphering the chaos and identifying what key problems need solving to have the greatest impact. If you’re still just figuring things out – that’s great, we’re interested.

2. Focus. Once a solution has been identified, it’s all about focusing and seeing it through. We bring on fun people to our team who can execute and finish something till the end, even if it doesn’t always work out.

3. Testing and experimenting. We’ll tell you a little secret – when it comes to business, we’re all in the same boat ,  nobody has a silver bullet. There isn’t just one right way to do things.
That’s why we’re all about concisely identifying problems and testing possible solutions based on key results and data. Constantly testing hypothesis’ and experimenting is built into our DNA.

4. Be impartial yet passionate. The best ideas should always win. And we love working with people who are able to fight for what they believe in, and set aside any differences in opinion afterwards for a good coffee and a laugh. Seriously, if you aren’t willing to yell at the team lead, or send a feisty email about something you think is right or you think the team is doing wrong, we don’t really want to work with you.

5. Give a shit. Caring is more important than skill. Skills are acquired, caring, not so much. We like to hire candidates who really care about what they’re doing and are willing to figure things out to get there. We’ll help you as a team, and figure things out together.

6. No Politics. If you’re putting yourself first, trying to climb some imaginary corporate ladder, and not focusing on adding value to our clients, we don’t really want you on the team.
Focusing on the user experience and making our clients happy will have greater gains for the whole company and yourself — playing the politics game for ones sole betterment won’t get you anywhere. We like working with people who would rather do the right thing for the user or customer at their own personal expense.

If you’re interested in working at Maptiks check out our careers page.