Is your web map meeting your goals or objectives? Perhaps the purpose of the map is simply to convey one location, if so, then a simple load of the map is the desired outcome, a bounce. Longer sessions or more activity/session indicates that the map is not conveying the information properly. Check on your session analytics in the loads tab of Maptiks to be certain you have been successful.

On the other hand perhaps your web map has been designed to convey data about multiple locations, trends of data, regional information and so on. In this instance you want to see the user panning and zooming around the map and engaging with different areas or markers. You want a longer session length showing these activity types. You want sessions with multiple activities and a low bounce rate.

When considering the analytics on the Loads tab think about the purpose of you map. Set goals for your map design for the number of activities per session, session length and bounce rate. Track how changes to your map help you succeed at your goals. Not all traffic is good traffic, get the traffic you want by reviewing your analytics in Maptiks.