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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you currently integrate with?
We integrate with Esri's web mapping platform. This includes ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps, Web App Builder maps and Esri Leaflet or Esri Javascipt API. Moroever, we proudly support Google Maps API, LeafletJS, OpenLayers and MangoMap.

How do you setup an integration?
Similar to google analytics, Maptiks provides you a tracking code. This code is inserted in the mapping library, and then you're set. We're also tightly integrated with Esri. For ArcGIS we provide templates, StoryMaps can be setup in minutes and Web App Builder is just as easy. Everyone of our customers gets an onboarding session a developer.

Do you integrate with Google Analytics?
No. Unfortunately it isn't possible at this moment to integrate with Google Analytics. We are working on tag management and analytics.js integrations that will provide better insights in Google Analytics.

In terms of user activities, what do you track?
Maptiks tracks bounce rates, time spent on map, clicks zooms and pans.

Do you track map performance
Yes we provide map performance analytics including load times, error logs and more.

Does maptiks slow down my map?
No. Maptiks subscribes to events that are already broadcasted by the mapping library without having to make extra queries.