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Web map data

Visualize your web map activity and drill into your data, minute-by-minute.

Find out if users love your map and dive into key web map metrics that show you how your users are actually interacting with your map.

Web Map Metrics

Track the metrics that convert

Core Features

Minute-by-minute user activity tracking


Key metrics that convert

With Maptiks mapping analytics software, you can do more than just get error logs and map performance. You can actually see how users are interacting with your map, providing unprecedented consumer insights with modern web maps.

  • Map bounce rates
  • Avg. visitor duration
  • Activities/session

Pin point user activities, minute-by-minute

See how users are interacting with your maps and gain unprecedented user engagement insights. With the activity heatmap, you can quickly view the most active sections of your map at a glance.
  • User pans
  • User zooms
  • User clicks
  • Time spent on map


Web map performance

Track your map performance from a single place and get notified when there are load issues and error logs. By tracking layers and tile, Maptiks provides web map developers an easy way to track your maps performance.

  • Layer load times
  • Error logs


Track all of your web maps

Track all of your web maps in one central location.

We currently support OpenLayers, Google Maps API and LeafletJS out of the box. For more complex integrations, our Maptiks Partners can provide custom integrations.


User permissions

Share specific trackcodes to customers and clients with ease - detailing which users have access to create, modify or simply view data.

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