Mapbox Analytics

Analytics for Building Better Maps

See how users are interacting with your Mapbox maps. Near-real time web map analytics provides unprecedented user engagement metrics and insights.

Analytics for Building Better Maps
Minute-by-minute metrics

Maptiks always has up to date information, so you won’t make important decisions based on old data.

Secure and Compliant

The data behind your metrics is kept secure with read-only access and SSL encryption.

Multiple Users

Share access to track codes with customers or colleagues and manage sharing permissions.

Official Mapbox Partner

Official Mapbox Partner

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Web Map Activity Insights

Get Clear Answers, Without The Dirty Work

178 Pans

280 Zooms

199 Clicks

Web Map Analysis

Nothing is wasting your resources more than focusing on the wrong maps. Maptiks helps you easily determine which maps acquire the most visitors, and determine if they engage prospects.

Convert Faster

View every step of your visitors journey and get them to convert faster.

See results

Evaluate if your maps contribute to your goals.

Web Map Analysis

Better decisions with better data

Turn web map interactions into actionable insights and make data-driven decisions that improve your user’s experiences.

Bounce Rates

Track bounce rates and engagement of your map to find out if your users are using your mapping application to its full potential.


See how and where users are interacting with your mapping application using detailed heatmaps of interactions.

Map Performance

Track your map performance from a single place and get notified when there are load issues and errors. By tracking layers and tiles, Maptiks provides web map developers an easy way to track your maps performance.

Better decisions with better data


Whether it be evacuation plans, election maps, transit routes, or garbage routes, you can connect your geospatial maps to Maptiks and start tracking key metrics.


Universities and Colleges use Maptiks to provide analytical tools to their geospatial students.


Non-profit organizations rely on Maptiks to fuel innovation, develop risk management software, and develop tools used by field agents.

Web Map Performance Reporting

Web Map Performance Reporting

Why spend hours trying build reports, if you can have it all in one place. Quickly determine the performance, speed and overall health of your web maps.

Layer Performance

Determine which layer data is worth spending time on based on its popularity or usage with your audience.

Error Tiles

See all 404s and 500s associated with your web map.


What will your web map data teach you?

Understand your users better

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