Core Features

Insights into your users activities.

Add data. Add value

Give your customers web map analytics

Maptiks customers see data as a competitive advantage. They love seeing detailed analytics because of the reduced implementation costs and the ability to easily discover and experiment with their web maps.

Test and Deploy Faster

Build better maps with insightful metrics

Maptiks partners build better and faster maps for their clients during the development phase by seeing exactly how users are interacting with their maps. Afterwards, access to and permissions to reports can be given directly to your customers.


Transparent and Open

Share reports and permission access

rovide additional transparency to your customers with analytic reports or full access to their web map analytics.

Partner requirements

Maptik partners are required to be active GIS focused companies that service existing customers.
  • Experience with atleast 1 map integration platform
  • Minimum 2 full time web map developers
  • Integration success


Maptiks partners get a slew of benefits to add value to their current and future customers.
  • Quick response support
  • Early access to new integrations and features
  • Web lead refferals
  • Resale commissions
  • Discounted enterprise accounts